Call for sessions

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON SPOKEN DIALOGUE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY (IWSDS) 2019 invites proposals for Workshops and Special Sessions in any topic related to the main conference theme: Increasing naturalness and flexibility in spoken dialogue interaction.

Authors are requested to submit PDF files (maximum three pages) of their proposal to

The proposal must indicate:

a)   Whether the proposal is for a workshop or for a special session:

  • Workshops are half day events collocated either before or after the IWSDS 2019 main program
  • Registration to workshops is not included with IWSDS registration
  • Participants only interested in attending the workshops do not need to register for IWSDS
  • Special session are 90-minute sessions that are part of the IWSDS main program
  • Registration to special sessions is included with IWSDS registration

b)   Workshop / Special Session title

c)   Name, affiliation, e-mail and phone number of the organizers

d)   A description of the workshop / Special Session title including:

  • Objectives
  • Topics of interest
  • Justification
  • Expected number of submissions
  • Tentative program

e)   Tentative program committee members (only for workshop proposals)

f)   Special audio-visual, internet, computer or equipment requirements

g)   Whether the workshop / special session have been run before:

  • Where and when
  • Number of participants

h)   Any additional information that might be relevant for the proposal evaluation

Important notices:

  1. Based on the volume of submissions and other logistic constraints accepted workshops can be converted into special sessions or vice versa
  2. IWSDS 2019 organization cannot provide any kind of financial support to workshop and special session organizers
  3. IWSDS 2019 organization will only cover expenses related to venue, audio-visual equipment and coffee breaks for workshops and special sessions